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Last week, I decided to throw so many things away in the house, things I thought were old and needed replacing. Bad move…. I never knew there was a Time & Place to do such things.

Time & Place = When husband has gone to work and would not be back for a few hours.


So hubby already had a house before we got married, so it was easy for me to just move in. When I came to Nigeria I shopped for so many things to beautify the house with & to put a female touch in the house of course.

So like I was saying before, last week there were some ancient things in the house that I wanted to throw away. Hubby was in the living room watching TV which was a good distraction until Nepa decided to take light and spoil my show.

Hubby came to find me & see what I was up to, he noticed I was sweating, things were unboxed and a big black bag was in the corner of the room. What are you doing he asked. ‘Oh just revamping the house & throwing things away’ I replied.

Hubby went through the black bag to see what items I decided to throw away. I threw away a welcome mat which looked like it had served a need in World War 3. I threw away cushions that thread started coming undone. I threw away a plate holder that had been chipped and so many different things.

Hubby said ‘No no no, you can’t just throw away my things; I spent good money on them. They are perfectly in good condition & nothing is wrong with them’

Ladies & Gents… please be the judge, is this Welcome mat still in good condition?

Hubby refused for me to throw anything away because he had apparently just bought everything less than a year ago. One item he did agree for me to throw away is the bathroom mat, but please tell me how & why I saw it stored away neatly in the cupboard this morning.

I know how to get my husband… good food, yesterday I cooked him one of his favourite meals because I had thrown one of his items away when he went to work… he is yet to realise the missing item.

I remember growing up, my father never felt the need to replace things, as long as it wasn’t broken, even though it looked 100 years old, and he was not replacing anything.

Today, I throw out the welcome mat and replace with a new one, today I’ve also organised for us to eat out for dinner, by the time we come back home he’ll be too tired to think about any welcome mat.



Bukola Jayeoba Aka TNBO is a storyteller and content creator who moved from London to Lagos. she is the owner of The Naija Brides Outlet. Faced with so many challenges, and contrary to popular belief, she was on a quest to prove you can have a fantastic wedding in Nigeria without breaking the bank. It proved difficult, but by the end of the journey she was able to succeed. TNBO’s pens her experience during wedding planning, post wedding & relocating period.

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