Ponmile Ponmile…..Baby Ponmile


Ponmile Ponmile, Baby Ponmile….

I know this is so random but i love this song and seeing these videos today just made me extra happy.

I have been stressed out lately but seeing this post just made my blue day colourful all at once. This song is not your regular music, it is soulful and has depth and i mean real DEPTH.

I saw the original video for the first time last week and the story line and actors (Odunlade Adekola and Lota Chukwu) got my attention.

Their interpretation was so real you could literally feel like you were in the room with them. Asides that, I am a sucker for Alternative songs and can I say it again that I am in love with the song?

Reminisce took it up a notch by dropping these four amazing covers. Three of the four are from Nigerian music divas; Chidinma, Aramide  and Immaculate Dache, while the last one is by Reminisce’s protege Akeem Adisawho is signed onto LRR. I can’t even choose because i LOVE LOVE all of them.

The song gives me goosebumps!

Listen below and let me know your favourite.

Enjoy the rest of your day guys!


Immaculate Dache

Akeem Adisa


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