I want to share my world with you

I want to share my story with you
I know you did not ask but i want to
I need you know who i am and how i feel
To remind you that incurable romantics exist and are real
I have loved and hurt in different ways
I have let people deceive me with the words they say
I have loved even when I was sure it would not be reciprocated
I have let myself helplessly fall in love, and this is not exaggerated
True, i have broken several people’s hearts,
Torn theIr worlds apart
And I have promised and failed
Trust  me, every shade of me I will unveil
I know this all seems vague
Or makes love sound like a plague
But if will just wait and hear me out
I will explain and in time clear your doubt
I just want to share with you my love life journey
When I thought love was sweeter than honey
And when it stinged harder the bees bite
Please sit back and let me take you on a ride

Lolah Writes
Ololade (Lolah Writes) is a multi talented and fun-loving young lady with a very analytic and creative mind.
She is an ardent lover of God and her experiences in her quest to live a godly life despite various challenges and temptations spur her writings.
Lolade, as she is fondly called is an apologetic food lover and a hopeless romantic who gains fulfillment in leaving/making things and people better off than she met them. She loves to write poems, sew, knit and sing.
She has more poems @lolahwrites on Instagram.

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