It’s our second anniversary this year and I have enjoyed every moment being his wife!


I am here thinking about my marriage and my mind flashed back to something that happened some weeks ago. I went for an interview that fateful day and the interviewer asked some really personal questions. I responded to her questions and she kept on arguing with me. She later explained why she asked such questions and what she was aiming at. Thankfully, I didn’t reply her I kept my calm.

This was one of the questions; “How is marriage?” to which I answered  “Fine, we are good. Thank God”. She asked again, any problem? I asked, by problem what do you mean? She said issues, quarrels and all. We quarrel but we have both decided never to go the night without trashing it. God has been kind enough to give us a heart that forgives.

At this point, I was expecting her to move on to the next question but she didn’t, she said I was lying and was trying to cover up. I was taken aback, I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me, so why will I lie? In fact, I just said to myself, believe whatever you want to. I know many people don’t believe there are marriages that can be the way it is.

Now to my point, my marriage will not be yours and yours will not be mine. Hubby and I didn’t know ourselves well enough before marriage, I can say I married by the ear. I heard about him from trusted persons and also from himself and then trusted God to lead us in marriage, that’s not to say I didn’t know him at all.

It’s our second anniversary this year and I have enjoyed every time being his Wife. We’ve grown deeply in love with each other and I can’t spend a day without thinking about him. We are both growing and I know for sure that God is allowing us go through what we are going through for our good, our sanctification.

If there’s anything I have learnt in marriage especially this year 2017, it is to trust God fully, not in words but in deeds. I have gotten to the stage where each time a worrying thought comes, I say ” God will take care of me”. That has been more than a comfort to my soul. I stopped worrying over things God has control over and I have had to expressly show and tell people to help me do same.

Sometimes, I try not to sound spiritual but whatever that means, this is my consolation that God rules, He knows, He wills and His hearts are close to those who love Him.

My prayer, is that I be more than just a wife to Hubby, that I be a friend, a comforter, a supporter and all that God wants me to be to him. That I live up to my responsibilities and that we both daily, truthfully depend on God who is our utmost help.

Marriage as God wants it, is the marriage that we all will ever enjoy. May we know it and trust Him all the way.

Happy Anniversary to us!


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