Ok, so today we will be talking about Bad Marketers. I am not talking about people who market products and services but ladies who sell their “market” badly. I think I have had bad market moments. Lol. You know how when you are single, sometimes you just ask yourself “where are all the good guys?” Or “Am I doing something wrong?”

Well, you could just be a Bad Marketer. Nothing is wrong with you and sometimes the guys you met in the past are good guys sort of…lol… it could be your timing or you just sending the wrong message or signal. Before I continue, I would like to say don’t get worked up, your man is definitely out there. Trust me!!

So I know someone who has this doctor that gives meaningful advice whenever she goes for medical consultations (and No, it’s not what you are thinking…lol…). I think she should actually write a book on those session’s because they are so insightful. During one of the sessions he mentioned to her that she was a bad marketer.

They started talking about boys and their drama and then she mentioned that whenever she sees that a guy is about to start getting close and might want a relationship, she mentions her principle of no sex before marriage. She said he paused and said and I quote “You Are a Bad Marketer”.  

He continued by saying that when someone wants to sell something, they sell the benefits of that thing and when the person gets interested then they slip in the down sides. In her defense, she mentioned that 80% of the time, guys already bring up the sex topic in very corny ways so since she likes being straight forward, she just states it to clear their confusion. Lol… I get her but I totally get the angle where he is coming from.

He said that a lot of guys see ladies when they meet them as basic and that throwing in no sex at the beginning is like saying “Basic and No Sex” then they run. Rather it should be a situation of “Wow, she has all these benefits and then the no sex part can be something he decides on his own to wait for because of all the benefits she has and how he has seen how unique she is.

She asked that what if the topic comes up early?  He replied by saying she should find a stylish way not to talk about it. She could say “let’s not talk about that now” or “we can talk about that later” or “I am not ready to talk about that now” etc.

The Moral Lesson is, to all the sisters out there who for some reason are as straight forward as our friend, Stop Being a Bad Marketer. Remember that you don’t need to change anything about yourself. The man who cares about you will accept you the way you are and who knows, you both can begin to work on building each other up to be better people.

So tell me your bad market experience. Mine would be jumping the gun about where I and a guy were headed at the third date. Lool… In my defense, I was sick and was on a lot of drugs plus he was a fine man. Lol… What is your own experience? Feel free to share.


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