“Aye Mi Temibami” -That Awkward Moment

Screams ” aye mi temibami”
Places hands on head and shakes head vigorously.
Have you even bought something and you feel like slapping yourself hard after? Well I just did! So the most ridiculous thing happened to my (minimalist) life yesterday.
In a bid to cook a delicious spaghetti that I have been craving, I stopped by at a supermarket on my way from work.
I had bought the necessary things (sausages,tomato paste,geisha) and even picked a pack of makeup removing pads for myself. I stopped at the natural hair and books section to window shop (believe me I was tempted but I resisted).My people , on getting to the counter,  the devil (he does all bad things abi) moved my eyes to the chewing gums beautifully arranged beside the cashier.
The pink one looked so inviting and moi that resisted ORS Twist and Lock gel and a book on how to build and sustain your business fell for ordinary chewing gum.
That’s not the painful part , I got the bill and paid though I wondered why it would be that high- its just a couple of items abi.
I was in a hurry and didn’t look at the receipt until I was settled, There and then I knew that I had made a stupid mistake. People, my  Chewing gum was a whopping N650!

I wasn’t expecting a N20 gum, but N650 haba, oga o. I am not blaming Wrigley for the price after all it may have additional benefits that I don’t know about -like making your gums stronger or teeth whiter in three days…lol… It’s my “bushness” I blame. I should have known better and asked rather than assume that a chewing gum could cost that much..chai
Well, I have accepted my fate and the only thing that  consoled me was my yummy spaghetti.

Lest I forget, I told hubby my story  , he laughed at me and took an entire row – a whole five pieces! I couldn’t just cry..lol
Call me stingy but I may not be able to share the chewing gum with another person… I have to eat whats left of my 650 by myself.

Has anything like this happened to you before? What item did you ever regret buying?

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  1. Chisos!!! It happens very well ooo…But what you can do is to keep the pack, chew one per day till it finishes, it’s a form of consolation..

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