From Bad Hair Day To ‘Badass’ Hair Day


So, your crush finally invited you on a movie date…Halleluyah!

You get to work immediately – Dress? Check! Shoes? On point!  Accessories? Ready to slay!  You jump into the shower, dress up, do your make up and proceed to style your hair but alas, nothing works.  

That ponytail you used to effortlessly rock is now looking like further mathematics, in fact every simple style is now looking strange to you. Welcome to your own share of ‘bad hair’ day!

A ‘bad hair day’ is something every ‘naturalista’ must go through one time or the other in their journey.

What do you do if this happens to you? Resign to your fate and cancel the date? Of course not!

There are ways to handle a ‘bad hair day’ and I will share some of them with you.

Hats or Headbands to the rescue!

So, when all else has failed, one quick fix to an unruly hair day is to put on your cute hat or a beautiful hairband. This takes some of the attention away from your hair, diverting them to your colourful headpiece.

You can rock a cute hat with a side braid or ruffle your hair a bit and put on a thick headband. Voila! You are good to go.

Small but mighty Bobby Pins

If You’ve Got your hair running wild and going in every direction, Bobby Pins might just be what you need. Every ‘naturalista’ should have a pack or two of bobby handy in case of these dreaded days.

Bobby pins are a great hair equalizer and if well utilized, it helps hide the fact that you are really at wits end with styling your hair.

A careful arrangement or following a beautiful pattern with your bobby pins shows creativity rather than the fact that you are hiding something.

You can easily get pins from salons and stores around you!

Back to Basics With Afro

While you are racking your brain and stressing about how to style your hair, how about a simple and cute ‘Fro.

No matter the state/stage your hair is, you can come up with a glorious afro. All you need is a comb, leave in conditioner/water and your hands to get your luscious hair into a glorious Afro.

So, when you are literally out of options, pick out your hair and let it go ‘all the way wide’ because you can never be wrong with an Afro.

Turban It

Turbans are back in fashion and they come in different beautiful colours and styles. So, if even combing your mane seems like a herculean task to you, simply Turban it!

No one will see what you have under the turban except you of course and how amazing it is to get compliments on how beautiful your turban is (just pray you don’t meet those ones that may go a step further by obtaining

This is perhaps the easiest way out of a ‘bad hair day’ because a turban goes with almost any kind of outfit.

If you are the market going type, then Lagos Island is the best place to find Turbans ( Believe me, they have it in different colours, styles, shapes etc.) However, if you are into online shopping, you can get them on Jumia, Jiji and some other stores on Instagram.


Puff Puff It Out

After, Turbans, this is unarguably one the easiest way to beat an unruly hair day. You can never go wrong with a Puff and you can switch things up too.

You can do a high puff, a side puff and you can even twist and unravel the ends for curl definition (with the help of a curling cream or gel of course).

A beautiful puff is very easy to achieve as long as you have the right products including pins, a soft brush, curl enhancer amongst others.

All said and done, you can only have a bad hair day if you allow it to be that. No matter what your hair says, always remember that you are not just your hair and that you are beautiful once you are armed with your confidence and a charming smile.

Have you had days like these, what did you do about it. Please comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

Picture Credit:

Pexel and Pixabay


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  1. I wear my hair in puffs every other day. When my hair chooses to have a mind of its own, I just turban it! or tie a cute scarf, I can’t be bothered.

    1. I have seen your hair on your blog na, you have beautiful hair😀😀. Whichever way you rock it, I am sure it comes out amazing. Thanks for reading 💕💕

  2. I love how very detailed this post is. I’m a fan of fro or turban in days I don’t know what to do to my hair. Lately, the hair is growing so long now and it’s hard to decide how to style it. This post will come in handy on what to do to it on such days.

    1. Thank you so much for reading Debs 💕💕. True, the longer the hair, the harder it is to style. What are you doing to your hair that’s making it grow? Show us the way na 😂😂.

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