The Birth of a Beauty Empire

Happy New Year Guys! I have been inconsistent I know. But believe me I have been upto a whole lot of things and I bet you guys will be proud of when once you are done reading because I am proud of myself too. I am not bragging—well maybe a little

Ever since I stopped relaxing my hair, I have fallen in love with exploring and mixing different products to find what suits my hair most. As a result my siblings started calling me “Elewe Omo” (Herbs Seller….lol).

Overtime, my interest became an obsession, a passion, something I knew I had to work on. Every Saturday found me mixing sheabutter, aloevera, coconut oil etc, trying to come up with the perfect solution for my hair. In the midst of all these, I also took interest in the health of other peoples hairs (Relaxed or Non-Relaxed) but more of Non-Relaxed actually and I found people asking me what I do to my hair, how I managed to attain such growth within a short period of time and so on.

body butters

I thought to myself “Hey Folake, stop being selfish…you can actually start creating stuffs for people too and not just yourself” and so began the journey to Youtube (God bless ICT). One day while surfing the net, I mistakenly clicked on a video on how to make body butters and today I don’t say it was a mistake anymore but fate. I was glued to the video all through and immediately after that I started intense research on Organic hair and body products.

After idea generation and research, the next step was action and that was where your girl was stuck o…. . For a few weeks I was just ruminating over everything – what if this doesn’t work, what if people don’t like it and all sort of excuses kept running around in my head. I spoke to a lot of people about it and Nkechi (God bless her) gave me some pointers on coming up with a business plan.

body butter

On November 12, 2016 I decided to take the bold step and reached out to a wholesaler of raw organic products I had been stalking online. I spoke to him about what I wanted and asked how I could get the necessary materials since he is based in Oyo State while I am in Lagos. We discussed logistics and concluded on the right amount of products and the total price I would need for my first batch. My next point of call was the mixer and Jumia came through for that thankfully.

I got the organic products on a Wednesday and I was just so happy that I literally started counting down to the weekend as I couldn’t wait to get to put together my first creation. At last it was Saturday and I started ASAP and believe me when I was done, I was in awe. I successfully created a complete batch of hair and body butter and 4 bottles of shampoo.

I wanted to do a test run so I distributed it amongst family and friends (all skin types and colours) to use for a month and the reviews I got were amazing. I used them myself too and noticed a great difference as my skin was smooth and glowing.

That done, it was time to start business! Every business needs a name right? I got to work and spoke to a few of my friends and with help from Sophia, I came up with “Organiks by Jane” and my empire was birthed.

body butters

Just last week I got my first major order from Lolade who I had given a sample to use in December. I have gotten two more orders after that and I am so excited about this new venture of mine.

I am still working on some things so m packaging is not perfect right now and once the logo is out I promise you guys will be the first to see it.

In the meantime, contact me for affordable and high quality hand crafted body and hair butters (Different fragrances), Shampoos and Soaps. If you are a blog reader, trust me you get a discount.





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  1. Folake how come i don’t know about the hair cream and shampoo? I will prolly need them as i anticipate it will be as good as the cream.

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