Book Review: The Extra by Megan Walker

Title –  The Extra

Series – The Extra Series 

Author – Megan Walker and Janci  Patterson 

Publication –  6th, April 2019

Publisher – Garden Ninja Books

Genre – Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance & Comedy

Who goes for a big tub of chocolate ice cream with extra cookie dough covered with caramel sauce and whipped cream after getting fired? Gabby Mays!

After losing her job for the umpteenth time, Gabby decides to become an extra in Passion Medical, a  soap that features her friend and roommate, Anna Marie. While on set, her life changes forever as she finds what she’s been looking for – direction and a sense of purpose.


Gabby is the black sheep of the family, the one who gets fired every other month, the one who didn’t graduate from college, but it turns out that her perfect little family isn’t so perfect after all as each person has a skeleton in their cupboard.

Dealing with her family issues, crushing on an engaged ex boss, a failed blind date and losing her job as an an extra in an embarrassing way all contribute to changing her view about herself and her life.

So, it was out with the timid and people pleasing Gabby and new with the fierce, bold and purposeful Gabby!

I like that Gabby’s sense of humour is unflinching even through the most difficult times.

“I wonder, not for this first time, if I am fully without a talent or passion for anything other than locating desserts at dive restaurants.”

Gabby Mays

The Extra, Megan Walker and Janci Patterson

The Extra is a bundle of self discovery, outrageous drama, family troubles, true friendship and a seeming love triangle. 

I read this book in one sitting because it was just to upbeat to put down. The characters are hilarious and relatable while the plot is fun and engaging with no dull moments from start to finish. It easily makes you feel like you’re part of the soap opera crew.


However, I feel there are some loose ends that left me (and some other readers) hanging as we don’t get to see if Gabby’s parents were able to sort out their issues and there’s also the issue of some of the supporting characters being flat. I hope that’s fixed in the sequel.

I enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the sequel which the authors have sent to me – thank you!

If you like fast paced, romance,family drama and fun, this is your book!

I’d rate it a 3.5 out of 5

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  1. The beginning of this review makes me want to grab a huge tub of chocolate ice-cream and all those yumminess to accompany it 😥😥. What I want more is to read this book while enjoying the ice-cream..

    Well done, I enjoyed reading this review 😊

    1. She calls the Ice Cream the Break up Tub – it fixes everything ( heartbreak, breakup, job loss etc). I’m glad you loved reading it. Thank you Alice 😊😊

  2. I love this review and your tone Gem! My mum used to mix me a poison float, rich chocolate icecream mixed with Baileys and sometimes chocolate spread in a large bowl. I’d eat all that chocolate spoon by spoon. But inbetween I have to say one thing I’m grateful for learning/experiencing in the relationship, acknowledge my negative contribution and also cry about the hurtful things then sleep. It was always therapeutic. I mixed a bowl for an acquaintance last year..what a night!

    1. Wow.. your mum is goals 😍😍. And all these things you just mentioned makes my mouth water. I agree, chocolate fixes almost everything 😂😂Thank you so much for reading.

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