#BBNaija2018: The Most Draining Three Months(of my existence) is Finally Over! 

Jeez, never thought I would be so invested in a reality show in my lifetime. So, everyday of the three months, I asked myself ‘Folake how did this happen to you?’

Like yo… my husband was legit tired of me😂😂

For 70 something days out of the 85 days, I was actively following the lives of random people especially my Fave-Lolu.

Chai…. It was draining – mentally, emotionally even financially ( I started buying data like water… God will judge Glo sha). It was so bad that I started to dream about Big Brother show. When this started happening, I knew I was in trouble and I started asking friends and family to pray for me because it was not normal. Thankfully, Lolu left a week to the end of the show so I was able to fully withdraw before the grand finale.

In the midst of all the BBN madness, I learnt that:

Nigerian youths do have the power to vote:

On the last day of the show, when the host Ebuka reeled out the amount of votes gotten- a whooping 170 Million votes, I was shook. People (myself inclusive) went through various means to campaign and rally for votes to keep their faves in the house so it was no surprise they got that number of votes.

This made me understand that if we channel such energy into the affairs of our dear country, we can actually vote out the man that called us Lazy. Biko, if you are reading this, I hope you have your PVC? If no, please get it as soon as possible because we have work to do come 2019!

Some people don’t have sense and social media bullies/trolls are real:

I am sorry to say this, but some people really do not have sense. All through the show, it was saddening to see the length some went all in the name of discrediting or pulling down housemates (and their fans) who were not their favourites.

Those three months, I saw a whole new level of bitterness as bullies his behind their phones/laptops to troll and insult other people over a show. It was so sad to see what some of us become in a bid to make our points or express our disagreement or opinions over issues.

Attitude really matters:

Throughout the show someone stood out- If you watched I am sure you already know who that is. She is no other than Cee-C aka Lashes FC. There was no day she didn’t trend because she always had issues with other housemates.

One day, she is telling someone she isn’t on their level, the next day, she is calling someone a drop out. As a result, many housemates began to avoid her and she was left with just few friends who all left before the last week.

The finale week was hell for her because she had no one to talk to and at a point, she took to talking to herself in the mirror (probably to keep sane).

No matter how terrible you are, those who love you will still do:

Due to her ‘Terrible ‘ attitude, Cee-C was unarguably one of the most hated housemates inside and outside of the house. So, it was no surprise that she was put up for possible eviction every week, but guess what? She was saved every time.

Her fans were the real MVPs who stood by her despite how hated she was. This is not an excuse for bad behavior but for real no matter how bad you are, those who love you will stick with you no matter what.

Despite the fact that she didn’t win anything during the show, these fans contributed Two Million Naira for her on her return to Nigeria.

You can have a boyfriend and an ‘everything’:

From the first day she entered the house, Nina told everyone who cared to know that she had a boyfriend so it was shocking to see her share a kiss with fellow housemate, Miracle before the first week ended.

She left her fellow housemates and viewers in confusion when she kept mentioning that she would never leave her boyfriend for Miracle who she seemed to have fallen in love with too.

The confusion came to a head on one of the live shows when Ebuka asked her what Miracle and her boyfriend (Colllins)meant to her. In her words, ‘Miracle is my everything and my boyfriend is my boyfriend.’ Till then, I never knew one could have a boyfriend and an everything.

You find love/friendships in the most unusual places:

When the show began, Big Brother put the housemates in pairs in accordance to the theme of the season ‘Double Wahala’ While some took it as strictly strategic partnerships, others saw the partnership as communal marriages and emotions started flying. We had ships like CeeBi (Which crashed before it ever began), LoTo, BamTeddy and MiNa.

No one knows if these ships would still sail while they are outside the house but from all indications they all found love in an unusual place as none of them had the intention of coming out with romantic partners.

Asides the ships in the house, friendships were also forged in the course of the show. I joined a Whatsapp group to follow up with my favourite housemate and I met some amazing people there – Shout out to Blessing and my Geest Gee, Obasola!

Finally I learnt that if I want to live long, I should never be emotionally invested in any show again because ‘I cannot come and kill myself for people that don’t know me biko’.

Did you watch BBNaija Double Wahala? What did you learn?

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  1. Well put together girl… its a huge lesson in itself and the organizers should do in the next edition..

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