Go and bring the man paying for the house


Well, I can’t show you the rooms until you bring your Daddy, Brother or whoever wants to pay for the house.

So last week, a friend who is getting married in February 2018 spoke to me about stressful her house search has been since her fiancé is always very busy at work. I told her to come over, so we could at least check out some places in my area together.

She came as agreed and armed with determination and enthusiasm, we headed out that hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon (Before we left the house, I put on my wedding ring as an afterthought, because I imagined there may be a need for it because I have heard many stories of people not wanting to rent houses to single ladies).

We checked first, second and finally saw one she liked. We asked for the person in charge and someone told us the whole flats had been rented.  We were quite sad and started our journey to another destination. On our way out, we saw the man in charge of the building (or so he claimed) and we relayed the message that the whole flats are now occupied to him.

The man exclaimed ‘Rara o, talosobe, flat kan si wa’ meaning No, who told you so? There’s still a flat available. Our excitement returned, and we asked him to please show us the flat, so we can see how the inside looks like.

There and then we got the ‘shocker for the day.’ He asked who wanted the house and I pointed to my friend, explaining to him that she was searching for herself and husband to be. That’s when Baba changed it for us o, he said he could not show us the house until we bring the person paying for the house. In his words, ‘Well, I can’t show you the rooms until you bring your Daddy, Brother or whoever wants to pay for the house.’

Imagine the shock on our faces as we desperately tried to explain that it wasn’t our fathers or sugar daddies paying for the house but my friend and her husband to be. I even waved my ring finger frantically in his face to show him that I am indeed not living with my father but a husband. My friend was also wearing her engagement ring, but Baba was not fazed at all.

He refused to answer us, and we took our walk of shame. We didn’t even know who/what to blame.

Should we blame our small statures for making us look like kids?

Should we blame the house owner who put such a man in charge of his house?

Should we blame our chauvinistic society that automatically assigns financial obligations and decision-making processes on important things such as housing to the male folk?

Or should we simply blame the (ignorant) old man who felt we had no right looking for houses but sitting in our father/husband/brother/sugar daddies’ houses?

And to think that I purposely wore my wedding ring that day (something I would most likely not do when taking a stroll around the area). Well, we quickly got over it and headed to the one-week international trade fair where we got ourselves matching Ankara dresses (maybe that will make us look more mature) and some other awoof (cheap) items.

The man tried to spoil our day, but he didn’t win……lool. By the way, we are still looking for a house, if you have one to dash(rent) in Lagos Island axis, kindly let us know biko.

Have you had any issues with landlords or anyone else because you are female? What happened and how did yu handle it?

Wait o, there is something else i want to ask. Is it just me or the quality and quantity of Ewa Agonyin has reduced drastically over the years. I bought it last week and i was quite disappointed….


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