The Hair Net And The Wrapper


The other night I wore wrapper and hair net to bed. You know that type of hair net that will accommodate every single strand of hair no matter how much attachment or weave you used.

I don’t know what came over me because I don’t usually do that, I guess it was because NEPA took light and the heat was unbearable the last thing on my mind was being sexy, I just wanted to be comfortable.

Hubby looked at me and asked me kilo shele, I responded with ‘gan gan’ I was ready to break into Joromi by Simi when he stopped me and asked why I was dressed the way I was.

I didn’t see the big deal in it, after all it wasn’t like I had dressed like this before, this was my first time so  Kini big deal. He told me to ditch my wrapper for something more appealing and less mama-ish., because I was scoring zero points for sexiness.

Ha-ha, it’s like Mr Man was too used to the fine fine nightgowns I had been wearing. But come to think of it, after the whole foundation and ‘pancaking’ of face, waist trainer and all the packaging to pepper dem from morning to night, men expect you to  still come and be a slay queen in your sleep.

Like most people, I just want to be comfortable in my own home especially when these NEPA people decide to show themselves. Married ladies help a sis out here, am I wrong in thinking that after all that posing and slaying outside, in my home I should be able to relax and do as I please right?

I’ve heard a lot of couples on this marriage journey complain that “after a few months into the marriage, their spouse changed and stopped making an effort”.  In all honesty it may seem that way however I’m learning pretty fast that such views are very unrealistic. Before I got married I used to vow that I would slay from the second I woke up till the second I went back to sleep, I even went as far as thinking I would be slaying in my sleep so that when hubby sees me when he wakes up, I could use the phrase ‘ I woke up like this’

. My reality now is that sometimes, I resemble Jenifa and on some days I will give Kim K a run for her money. Gba Gbe, after all we are in this thing for better for worse.


Bukola Jayeoba Aka TNBO is a storyteller and content creator who moved from London to Lagos. she is the owner of The Naija Brides Outlet. Faced with so many challenges, and contrary to popular belief, she was on a quest to prove you can have a fantastic wedding in Nigeria without breaking the bank.

It proved difficult, but by the end of the journey she was able to succeed. TNBO’s pens her experience during wedding planning, post wedding & relocating period.

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