Hashtag #IsItYourWedding?


These last few weeks have gone #BAAD2017 crazy. Shout out to those of us who were not able to make it to the wedding in flesh because we are waiting for our passports, but we managed to attend via social media. I even had to renew my data twice for this wedding, hope Adesua & Banky W appreciate my efforts!

Everything was beautiful and you can tell the couple are divinely destined to be together. One thing really annoyed me though, and it’s something I have been noticing for some time now at Nigerian weddings.

Every weekend on the gram, you can be sure you’ll see your friends, followers and foes in their hottest gear to attend a wedding; everyone is trying to look their best.

But what is up with these outrageous outfits guests are wearing to peoples wedding! Elaborate outfits, slits up to here, cleavage bared down to there… can we calm down?

Some people ‘want to sell their market and do pepperdem gang! I know the guests want to look good, but don’t overdo it

A lot of people say it’s the bride’s day and no-one can outshine her, because of her natural glow/happiness that day at marrying the love of her life…… I say story for the gods!

There was a picture that went viral of a wedding guest and her scandalous , everyone was talking about it, the outfit was insane, revealing and very tasteless.

Some people say aso – ebi should be scrapped as that is what is giving these ladies the liberty to sew & dress in a very unacceptable manner. As much as I hate the aso –ebi concept & what it has become, I don’t think the problem is the Aso-Ebi. For me, the over sexualisation and competition to upstage others is inappropriate – the problem is with the people and the mentality of outshining & overdoing.

Wedding guests are taking it too far. Everyone wants to land in the next #AsoEbiBella. It’s okay to look gorgeous and glamorous for a wedding but have some respect for the couple and dress appropriately.

We should actually have that hashtag to discourage over-dressed guests at weddings. When we see such pictures, just hashtag #IsItYourWedding? Hahaha! That will teach them a lesson or two!


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