My International Women’s Day Awoof!

They say Awoof dey run belle, ehn if I hear! That’s not true because it’s the wrong ones that go wrong so you have to pick your struggles wisely. I just got one that has been ‘sweeting my belly since 12 noon.’

Following yesterday’s International Women’s Day celebrations, our boss decided to give the females in the office a surprise ‘Facials Treat.’ Shout out to Mr Walter!

As soon as he informed us, we all excitedly jumped into the vehicle to our mysterious destination and when the driver turned into Lekki Phase one, I knew we were in for a wonderful treat…

We arrived at The Aesthetic clinic (TAC) located in Grace Anjous off Adebayo Doherty(road14), Lekki Phase 1 at 11:45 am prompt and the journey to bliss began. TAC is a medical spa facility that offers affordable and professional medical aesthetic services.

At exactly 12 noon we were ushered into the Spa room to begin our pampering (oh boy na serious one one o). My therapist introduced herself and got to work immediately. She was very thorough and amazing, chatting  all the way whilst telling me about every product she used on my face and why.

The session was so relaxing because not only did I not have to think of the money I would be coughing how at the end of the session, I also had Enya’s soothing voice taking me to a blissful place…I wish I could stay there all day.

Immediately after my facials, I also got a complimentary skin analysis which revealed a bit of facial pigmentation (this Lagos sun will not let someone be great). Other than that, she said I was aging nicely even under aging as my skin is perfect… whips hair back and forth. My body butters and skincare regimen have not been in vain yaaay.

Before I could say Jack Robbinson, the session was over, and I had to leave the beautiful and serene white room to face this Lagos sun again…mtcheew.

My Verdict:

At TAC, they really take the saying ‘Customer is King’ seriously because their customer relations is top-notch.

Asides that, the interior is amazing and serene with soft music playing everywhere you turn to. I do not like the fact that phones were not allowed in the room, so I couldn’t take my selfies…sigh

Biko manage the pictures below, I took them after the session on our way back.

P.S: This is not a sponsored post or advertorial, I am just an excited and satisfied ‘awoof receiver.’

Enjoy the rest of your days guys!

At the reception…
On our way back…
Back at the office…yayyy

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