Hello my Natural Lovelies! So sorry for the long absence, the last few weeks have been all shades of crazy….In between work pressure, school assignments and studying for my masters’ exams- Whoever said working and studying at the same time is easy (Deep Sigh….). My exams start next week so wish me luck guys.

Moving on swiftly…..Let’s talk Deep Conditioning! Deep conditioning is the process of fortifying the hair with moisture or protein. This term is one every unrelaxed/relaxed haired girls know about one way or the other. You discover that as your hair begins to increase in size and density, your strands need more nourishment and deep conditioning becomes a step in your hair routine you can’t afford to skip.


The importance of deep conditioning cannot be over emphasized as it keeps the hair moisturized and builds every strand’s strength.

  1. It helps prevent damage from heat and styling tools as well as help to replace moisture and vital proteins into the hair shaft.
  2. Deep Conditioning is also very important for those with damaged, brittle, or color treated hair. Do you feel so much pain while combing your hair? Does your hair shed on a regular? You need to deep condition! When you deep condition your hair you help restore luster, shine and strength to your hair.
  3. When you deep condition on a regular basis, your hair regains its luster, it becomes stronger and more manageable.
  4. Deep conditioning is the ultimate tool for length retention. Deep conditioning plays a huge role in length retention because length retention goes hand in hand with breakage. The less breakage, the more hair you are able to keep!
  5. Deep conditioning helps to improve your hair’s elasticity. This means that once you deep condition, your hair is more flexible and can stretch more before it breaks. Hair that does not get deep conditioned frequently is more prone to dryness and breakage.

Now the question is how often should you deep condition? Kindly drop your opinions in the comment box below so we can learn from one another.  Next week, I will share my deep conditioning products and how I go about it. Ciao!

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