A LOVE TURNED SOUR | Ololade Adeyemi


Loving you is a feeling I would love to cherish

A passion I want nothing more than to relish

Your gentle love I have always longed to tend

But cold feelings I always get from you at the end


Now my nights are so lonely

My dreams so empty

My heart keeps calling for something i could never have



I try so hard to keep my heart

But that act keeps tearing my heart apart

Referring me back to the actual fact

That in my heart you have made an unforgettable impact


Now, you have shattered my dreams

Dampened my love

Hurt my feelings

Oh my dear you have frozen my heart


We both claimed to love one another

And prayed that our love would go stronger

But we ended up cold in love

which was not how we felt when we first fell in love


Ololade is multitalented fun-loving young lady with a very analytic and innovative mind. She currently works as an Operations Analyst while studying for her Masters’ Degree at the University of Lagos.

Lolade is an unapologetic food lover and she loves to write poems, sew, knit, and sing amongst others. She is also a hopeless romantic who gains fulfillment in leaving/making things and people better off than she met them.

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  1. This is a brilliant piece. And the author is an excellent poet. I recently had a chat with her about her love for writing poetry. I’m glad to finally get to read one from her.

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