Hello my people, so sorry for another long absence. My life has been full of drama for the past few weeks, but its settling now or so it seems.

So, for months I have been on the search for peppermint leaves as I needed to make some oils. I looked all around my local Egbeda all to no avail; however luck shined on me earlier this week.

Before I go into how I found it, do you know that this wonder leaf has countless benefits? Not only can it be used for your skin, hair or health in general, but it also works well around the house. Are insects bothering you? Try mint leaves! Do you suffer from allergies? Try Mint Leaves! Do you want cleaner carpets? Try Mint Leaves! I could go on and on, but let’s get to my main gist.

Earlier this week, I had gone to Lolade’s office to gist with her when I saw another colleague of ours with greens in her water bottle, someone asked her what was infused in her water and she said mints and cucumber. I sharply stood up from where I was sitting and asked her to help a sister as I had been looking everywhere for this wonder leaf and she told me she got it from fruit vendors around the office.

Believe me, the very next day myself; Lolade and Grace set out to look for Mint Leaves for me and Oranges for Grace. As God would have it, we found the vendors just down the street and I was able to get my supply of mint leaves o, but we didn’t find Oranges for Grace sha.

My supply is so much that I have been chewing and drinking (infused in water or tea) mine for three days straight now and I still have more than enough to make my first batch of peppermint oil over the weekend…big grin. This is going to be my first trial but I am confident it will come out well and please join me in prayers that it does.

Those who pray for me would get free sample bottles (but how will I know you prayed for me sef?)

I have more good news for you my people…hmmm(Enters Amebo mode). The ministry is moving forward, its progressing, Amen! OrganiksbyJane now has its Instagram and Facebook page. Please epp us to epp you by following us @organiksbyjane on Instagram and Facebook.

Something very interesting is coming up in the next post, watch out!


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