Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue and not maroon, questioned someone’s thought process, heard/shared funny stories, shared your faith and belief or just wanted to inspire? Well you are in the right place. Let’s just say I write as I observe. Some people call it lifestyle or whatever, I call it freely curious. Don’t know what writing category I fall under but I just hope to have fun and share my thoughts and experiences with you.

I am freely curious but you can call me SUE. I am a young Nigerian analyst and entrepreneur. I like books but I hardly get to finish them from cover to cover…lol… I am adventurous, love to explore and also analytical.

I love going for business meetups and fire side chats while exploring different locations. I also love to meet intellectual minds and I don’t like people who waste my time. I have a very loud voice, can play for Africa but when I put on my serious face, I mean business. I don’t believe in the feminism movement mostly because it has been abused but I do believe everyone has the right to be whoever they want to be and should be given that equal opportunity.


Welcome to freely curious and I do hope to get different perspectives to issues, share stories, write reviews, share insights, talk about love, style, products, places, opportunities etc. you get the drift…



Sue is Freely Curious.

She is very adventurous, ambitious, analytical, curious, energetic, fun, industrious, playful, self-driven, serious minded, stern, young and loves intellectual conversations. She is a Christaholic, a Nigerian Entrepreneur, a Data Science and Consumer Behavior Enthusiast, a Volleyball Player and an Analyst by Profession amongst others. She likes to find new hangout spots, sing in the shower, daydream, add value, question things and develop ideas.

Being curious guides her writing style and content and she hopes to share her curious perspectives, get you thinking and also hear your views.

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Hello there, Welcome to my blog. My name is Afolake, a Content Strategist by day and a blogger by night. I live for DIYs, so i can be termed a minimalist (although my friends call me cheap). My love for writing about everything including my natural (unrelaxed) hair journey brought me here. Starting the blog was an impulsive idea and one that i have not regretted so far. One thing i think you should know is that i love food, so don't be surprised to see a lot of posts on food. My favourite saying is "This too shall pass" and this has helped me all through my journey in life. On this blog, i talk about everything - books, love, life, beauty and every other thing running through my mind so there may be weird posts on here sometimes. I aim for this space to be a close knit community, so don't be shy to drop your comments, share the posts and invite your friends to be part of us. Live, Love, Pray and of course Eat healthy!

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