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What is it with (almost) everybody not having a specific regimen for their natural hair…lol.

Today, we are bringing to you a honorary member of the foodie gang. Raise your hands if you are in this gang and I will arrange a special welcome package for you as the chairwoman of the gang.

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Tell us about yourself in Forty (40) words or less:

I’m a writer (fiction and poetry mostly). I’m a blogger, non-conformist, honorary member of the foodie gang and die hard God lover. I believe life should be enjoyed any way it can, even if its for the sole fact that one is even alive to see the world.

Have you always been natural?

Nah, not always. I wish I was tho. lol

Why did you decide to go natural?

I just felt straight hair was boring. There was no excitement with it, hardly any creativity.

You had to constantly spend money on relaxers to make sure it stays straight and not look ‘untidy’.

That period, I was a huge fan of natural hair and skin care channels on BBM. I breathed natural hair posts and regimens. I was even giving people advice on what to do with their natural hair, how to take care of it, how to treat skin problems with natural remedies.

It was a whole new exciting world for me, and going natural afforded me the ticket to legally join the club and practice these things I learned on myself.

When did you make the decision?

I made the decision to go natural in 2015.

Did you Big Chop straightaway or transition?

LOL… I transitioned o. I didn’t have the courage to go the straight and narrow way of doing the instant Big Chop.

What did your family and friends think about your decision?

Most of my friends felt weird about it. I’ve initiated some of them into the natural hair family tho. My family, especially my mother, was very, and I mean, very excited about me going natural. The first time she saw my hair, she looked so proud. lol. I was like an art exhibition for them, always waiting for what I’ll do with my hair next.

What has been your greatest challenge so far while managing your hair?

My greatest challenge has been trying to figure out what styles I could pull off with my hair while using minimal products. It hasn’t been easy.

Usually, I just go with the flow, you know. It depends on how I feel at that moment. If I want my hair out or not, if I have time to style it, if the weather is hot, (or if I’m just feeling lazy. lol)etc.

Another challenge has been the fact that I don’t have even hair growth. lol. It’s really funny, cause some parts are longer than the rest. I actually think its the trim I had some years back. The barber cut the crown shorter than the rest parts of my hair, so it seems other parts grow faster and better than the crown.

Coupled with the fact that the hair at my crown has a different texture than the rest, it’s often problematic trying to do what works. I usually experiment to see what works for the different textures, and might even start all over again.

What do you love most about your hair?

Having natural hair is exciting. There’s always something to learn. Having natural hair is like going through experiential education. You get hands on experience as you learn to take care of it

Have you had a ‘bad hair’ day? Tell us about it

oooooh, yes I have had a bad hair day. Actually bad hair dayssssss… sss…ssss. lol. Like I earlier stated, styling has been a real challenge. An combing is the worst part. I don’t really like to comb my hair, despite the fact that its soft. There were days I didn’t know what to do with the hair. I was too lazy to sit and comb carefully, so I often went for a scarf or face cap. (God bless the people that invented scarves and face caps. Those people legit deserve some accolades and awards.)

What are those  products/accessories you can’t do without?

If I were to be abandoned on an island and only given the luxury of having essentials with me, I’ll definitely pick Shea butter, coconut oil, an elastic band, and a scarf. I can’t go without those.

What’s your go to style?

The High Puff. Any time, any day, if I’m confused, this is usually the way to go. Either that, or dee dee.

Do you style your hair yourself every time or you go to salons?

I only go to salons when I’m too lazy to wash my hair myself. Other times, it’s usually been me, my hair, and I. I can actually count how many times I’ve been to the saloon for styling on ten fingers.

What’s your current regimen?

I don’t actually have a definite regimen. I just go with the flow most times. But I recently realized styles that don’t require harsh manipulation works for me. I don’t over feed my hair with products. Less is more for my hair and I.

Has going natural influenced other aspects of your life? 

Yeah, going natural has definitely influenced some aspects of my life. I’m a very active person. Mentally and physically. Going natural has helped put that energy into productive use. I feel more and more like myself and I even feel happier.

What would you like to tell someone considering going natural?

Going natural is hard work. The amount of work you have to put in can be compared to an 8 – 5 job. It’s like raising a baby. You have to pay attention to it, find out the type of food it likes, know when its crying out for help, etc. In all that, it’s an exciting journey. I don’t see how you’ll regret it.

In the natural hair journey, i think its safe to say my hair has added to my confidence, my personality. It’s helped my my journey of self discovery. There’s just something about going against the norm and craze of wanting to have straight hair for the aim of blending in, or being with the in crowd. Having natural hair, of any length at all, you’ll stand out. And I mean that in a very good and exciting way.

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