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Hi people,

I have always wanted to know more about other ‘naturalistas’ journeys, but I never really got around to doing it. However, I broke the jinx last week…hurray.

Our first feature is Zobam Zobs of ( be sure to check out her blog for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle).

One thing I noticed about her is the fact that she is very proactive and efficient, I mean who responds to an email with over 10 questions within 30-40 minutes?

Read our chat below:

Tell us about yourself in Forty (40) words or less.

Hi, i am Zobam Zobs of . I am a mom lifestyle blogger , a fine artist and a self acclaimed foodie. I am an introvert when I am around strangers. I love the colour purple and I love craft making and sewing. I think that’s about it …lol

Have you always been natural?

As a child I was natural then I kept a low cut for a long time. Fast forward to now I am natural.

Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I noticed I had a sensitive scalp. Each time I retouched my hair my scalp used to shed skin and I ended up having dandruff within a week. I couldn’t keep up with that lifestyle.

When did you make the decision to go natural?

In October 2014.

Did you Big Chop straightaway or transition?

I transitioned to about an inch that chopped off the rest.

What did your family and friends think about your decision?

My family is quite indifferent about what I do with my hair. For one, my dad loves low cuts, he said it’s less distraction and that I have found to be true. But my boyfriend turned husband thinks otherwise, He says it makes me look like a school boy.

What has been your greatest challenge so far while managing your hair? How have you managed it?

My challenge now is that I don’t have much time like I used to for my hair due to change in lifestyle. So, what I do now is that I make wigs for myself to hide my hair and I braid sometimes too.

What do you love most about your hair?

I love that I don’t have to retouch and i can play with it and its curly too.

Have you ever had a ‘bad hair’ day? Tell us about it.

I have had countless. The funniest was the day rain caught up with my perfectly slayed hair.

What are those  products/accessories you can’t do without?

I try to keep it simple. My hair loves it natural thought so I go with Aloe vera gel ( fresh) , coconut oil, tea tree oil , Argan oil. Also,  I cannot do without my big combs.

What’s your go to style?

The high puff or the two side puffs.

Do you style your hair yourself every time or you go to salons?

Sometimes I do my hair myself but mot times, I go to the salon.

I really don’t have much of a regimen at the moment… I am so uninspired when it comes to my hair. So I just wash, condition and do my aloe vera conditioning when I have the time.

Has going natural influenced other aspects of your life? If yes, how?

It hasn’t changed much only that it made me go learn how to make wigs.

What would you like to tell someone considering going natural?

Just make sure you love your hair and have time for it.

Do you have any other thing to add?

Natural hair loves water.

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