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Hello guys, I am back again! I am so sorry for the break in transmission, I was a bit ill…. But I am back now so let’s get back to work on our Natural Hair Tag Series.

This time we spoke to a very beautiful ‘Naturalista’ and blogger, Sike Gbana of and you are sure to learn a lot of things from her journey.

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Tell us about yourself in Forty (40) words or less.

Well my name is Nkasike Gbana but everyone calls me Sike (pronounced ceekay). I am a blogger, entrepreneur, makeup artist, photography lover, foodie, baker, lawyer (just call me Jack of all interests haha).

Have you always been natural?

Oh no I haven’t. My mum started relaxing my hair since I was like 3/4 years old. I was rocking those sleek buns with “telephone wire” curls in a ponytail, being a little bride at every wedding.

If no, why did you decide to go natural?

I turned natural by being scared honestly. I had a horrible hair retouching experience one time and I was so scared to relax my hair again. Before I knew it, it was 8 months later and I had alot of new growth so I was just like, you know what, let’s let this hair grow out.

When did you make the decision?

Sometime in February or March 2014 when I cut my relaxed ends.

Did you Big Chop straightaway or transition?

I transitioned. After about 8 months, I sat at my friend’s table and started cutting off my relaxed ends because there was a scissors there and I was bored (yes I am kinda weird). She helped me trim it properly though.

What did your family and friends think about your decision?

No one really knew about my decision right away. My hair was always in braids or under a weave for awhile after my big chop. But no one had anything negative to say about it, except my dad lol. Most people were just amused because natural hair wasn’t the in thing at that time.

What has been your greatest challenge so far while managing your hair? How have you managed it/them?

Wash day is a big challenge. All the mental prep, arranging products, detangling, mixing oils, brewing teas (okay maybe I am extra), it exhausts me and I take a whole day to do my hair sometimes (I nap in between lol). They key is to do any brewing and mixing a night before so I have less work on my wash day.

Styling my hair has also been a challenge because my hair doesnt conform to all the Instagram styles I see but I am learning to love my kinks and find styles that suit me.

What do you love most about your hair?

I loooove the volume! My hair is really full and I love how wild my hair can be sometimes. I also love how versatile my natural hair can be. I recently learnt how to do a sleek bun on my hair and I am livin’!

Have you had a ‘bad hair’ day? Tell us about it.

Recently, I spent my time applying products and braiding my hair so I could flaunt a sexy braid out the next day. Next morning, I loosened the braids and before I could even pack the hair, it got frizzy and I lost all the curls. I was so frustrated and I just let the hair fly for most of the day. I can’t come and die.

What are those  products/accessories you can’t do without?

I always have a Leave-in hair mist  because my hair is super thirsty. I also always have a wide tooth comb.

What’s your go to style?

If my hair isn’t under a wig, it’s in a high puff/pineapple. It’s such a low maintenance style that I love.

Do you style your hair yourself every time or you go to salons?

I style my hair myself. I have never been to a salon to do my natural hair, mostly because I am scared tbh. I even do my twists and cornrows myself most times.

What’s your current regimen?

On wash day, it’s detangle-wash-deep condition-rinse-leave in conditioner-sealing oil and scalp oil. Every other time, I put leave in conditioner in my hair and seal when I feel like my hair is thirsty.

Has going natural influenced other aspects of your life? If yes, how?

Being natural has made me more conscious of ingredients in any form of product. I sound like an encyclopedia sometimes *hides face*. Also, it has influenced alot of my friends and family to also go natural or embark on healthy hair journeys with their relaxed hair so that’s pretty cool.

What would you like to tell someone considering going natural?

Don’t go natural because everyone is going natural. It’s a personal lifestyle change. Also, do alot of research before hand so you can enjoy your journey. I didn’t do that and I had to learn from experience over the years. Save yourself the stress sis.

Do you have any other thing to add?

Hehe, I think I have spoken so much so no, thank you.

Let’s get social – where can we find you on social media. 

Instagram: @sikethemakeupartist

Twitter @justsike

Blog: I have posts on my blog about my journey and products I use and try out, just search ‘hair’ in the search bar.


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