I went for a wedding a few months back. Let’s call the couple Mr & Mrs X. They had no bridal party, like no bridesmaids, grooms men, flower girls, ring bearer nothing! The bride just walked down with her Dad and that was pretty much it.

It did look a bit bizarre to us who are used to seeing a bridal party. I recently caught up with Mr & Mrs X and asked them why they decided not to have a bridal party.

We had talked about this years before we got engaged,” Mrs. X said. “We were in full agreement that we didn’t want to have a wedding party.”

‘We’re laid back people, and we wanted a laid back day. And while being surrounded by our friends is the most informal thing in the world, giving them titles and making them stand in a row, takes from that for us’ Mr. X said.

Do I need bridesmaids? Am I weird if I don’t have bridesmaids?? Do I need to have wedding attendants at all?

Here are some reasons why not having bridesmaids is not a bad idea!

You don’t need their help

Let’s be honest, one of the common reasons why people choose to have bridesmaids is because they want help with their wedding. They want a slay team of DIY manual labour. They want someone to hold their bouquet. They want someone to look after their special guests. They want someone to assure them that they look beautiful and everything is going to be fine. Well, bridesmaids are not errand girls, if you need support or help then source help from the right place.

They might not want to help you

Sure, bridesmaids might help you with your wedding… but they also might not have the time or interest. You can skip having bridesmaids and just make explicit requests (“Do you want to come over and have pizza and help me address wedding invitations?) If you need help, ask for help. Don’t confuse having bridesmaids with having help.


Avoid drama

Sometimes bridal party issues just happen.  If I had a dollar for every story I have heard about bridesmaid drama, I would be typing this from Los Angeles sipping on a gluten free smoothie!

We all know that friendships can be complex, and wedding planning is stressful, and there are a million and one things that can go wrong. Wedding planning can be challenging enough without having to Google how to fire a bridesmaid.

Save your money

With bridesmaids comes a budget. Most brides assist their bridesmaids financially. Just think about the amount of money you could save if you didn’t have to think about forking out for bridesmaids accommodation, transportation and other things that a bride is expected to do for her girls. You can use that cost for something for productive like more food or drink for the day or investing in your future.

At the end of the day, your wedding is exactly that… YOURS. Do what makes you happy. You don’t want to go through your wedding album years later and question why Elizabeth was on your bridal train.  With every decision with your wedding, you have to suit yourself, your partner and not society.



Bukola Jayeoba Aka TNBO is a storyteller and content creator who moved from London to Lagos. she is the owner of The Naija Brides Outlet. Faced with so many challenges, and contrary to popular belief, she was on a quest to prove you can have a fantastic wedding in Nigeria without breaking the bank. It proved difficult, but by the end of the journey she was able to succeed. TNBO’s pens her experience during wedding planning, post wedding & relocating period.

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