Polygamist, Partial, Loyalist or Spoiler, What Kind of Reader Are You?

Recently, a member of a WhatsApp group I belong to said he reads 500 books a year and the group literally ‘scattered’ with different reactions to the declaration.

Many people were of the opinion that it’s not possible, even me. I was a bit skeptical too….. like does he read about10 books a week? Amidst the hustle and bustle of this Lagos and other cities sef.

However, I have come to realize that asides their love for books, no two readers are alike. Reading patterns are different and we all read at different paces.

The bottom line is, there are diverse types of readers.


The Polygamists

These are the kinds Yoruba people call ‘Ashawos.’ They just cannot stick to one book at a time (They are not loyal…lol).

Ask them what they are reading at the moment and you are sure to lose count on their behalf.  These kinds of readers like to juggle multiple books at once. Their reading table/bedside is filled with every genre of book you can think of.  The polygamists like to keep things interesting, and multitasking is their turf.

If you are a ‘one book a time person’ you are advised to stay away from these kinds of people (Just kidding!).


The partial (Ojoro) readers

No matter how hard they try, these people cannot just finish a book. No matter how hyped they are in the beginning, they lose interest in no time, swiftly moving to the next book only to do the same.

Ojoro readers never get to the end of a book (and they are satisfied with that). They don’t sweat over an ever increasing ‘to read’ list because they read for pleasure whenever they feel like it and drop it when they want to.

They don’t owe us any explanation, do they?


The Re-readers/Repeaters

These ones can read a book 200 times and not get tired.

While others are raving about the latest John Grisham and the likes, these ones like what they know and would rather re-read their Harry Potters for the umpteenth time rather than search for other authors.

No matter how much you try to convince them to try the latest Mario Puzo, they wouldn’t budge because they are not thrilled at the prospect of a new book and would rather remain in their comfort zone. What you don’t know won’t kill you, abi?


The Hardcopy Loyalists

No matter how many eBooks they are offered, these ones would pick a hard cover any day anytime. Give them eBooks or audio and you are only wasting your time because they will not even open them.

Call them old-fashioned, but for them, nothing beats the feeling of holding your imaginations in your hands.

The hardcopy loyalist will not call anything that is not printed a book and to them, reading a “real” book makes more sense.


The Spoiler Alerts

So, the first thing a spoiler does is flipping to the end before going back to the beginning.

They are the ‘I no want surprises’ kind of people who always want to know exactly what is going to happen at the end.

Most times, their defense is that they don’t want to waste their time reading something they wouldn’t love. Are they right or wrong? Each to his/her own!


The Emotional Readers

He didn’t have to die, he didn’t deserve that!

These ones can cry a river. They are extremely emotional and do not apologize for it.

When their favorite characters fall in love, they get giddy; when they fight, they feel sad; when they break up, they are heartbroken and if they mistakenly die… the rivers begin to flow.

They feel everything that happens in a book, so before asking an emotional reader to hang out, please check out what he/she just finished reading because you don’t want to spend the entire date night consoling him/her over ‘Mike’s death.

There might just be a sequel to this post because the list is quite long. However, I think I fall into categories 4,5 and 6.

What about you? Is there any category you will like to add, please let us know in the comment box.

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