SGIT Is Back…….Yaaaay


Yaaaaay…. I am excited(Scratch that), I am extremely elated and doing the happy dance now because my favourite series is back for the fourth season. Which series you may be wondering….Skinny Girl in Transit, SGIT…duuuuhhhh.

After last season ended with that tantalizing kiss between Tiwa and Mide, I have been counting down to the next season.

I am a sucker for love stories like that. Tiwa and Mide finally together after all the teasing and flirting , prayers answered, I just hope their love life won’t be jinxed this one I can see Beverly Naya in the trailer because that one only knows how to spoil people’s relationships(Wedding Party for example)….mtcheeew

This season is gong to be hot and I can’t wait for the first episode which airs on Friday, September 29.

See trailer video below:


I can’t wait for another season of laughter, maternal love, fun, flirting, friendship and so much more. Friday can’t come soon enough!

Who else is counting down with me?



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