I made Zobo!

Last weekend was amazing and activities packed for me.

Hubby went to work very early in the morning so I was home all alone, somewhat bored but excited because two of my besties (Lara and Yemi) were coming over for a visit. As a very (selective) hospitable person that I am, I headed to Sura market to buy items for my new found delicacy (fried rice) as I wanted my babes and husband to eat to their fill.

While buying the ingredients for my fried rice, I sighted Zobo leaves (those who know me well know that I love Zobo, especially those cold ones with plenty ginger…chai heavenly) and right there and then I decided to make my own Zobo for the first time.

I know some of you are like, Zobo is quite easy to make so what’s the big deal?  Well it was a big deal to me because as the minimalist that I am, I would not like to venture into any activity that would waste my money….lol.

My Zobo!

So I bought Zobo leaves worth N300, ginger (N100), cucumber (N100), a sachet of Joccy blackcurrant flavour (N50) and one tiny ingredient that I can’t remember (N50). I love the coolness of cucumbers so I used it instead of pineapple. It didn’t really add any flavor to my Zobo but I left it in to chew on as I drank my tasty zobo.

My Zobo (and fried rice) turned out so well that my friends ate and drank to their fill, taking some to their homes.


Step One:

Pick the Zobo leaves to remove all unwanted substances, rinse and transfer to a cooking pot with enough water to cook.

Step Two:

Cut three cloves of ginger into tiny pieces, wash very well and add to the boiling Zobo leaves; add cucumber and “my unnamed ingredient” (I will attach the picture, so if you know what its called, please let me know, thank you!)

diced cucumber
the unnamed ingredient…lol

Step Three:

Boil for about 10 Minutes and add the sweetener of your choice


Step Four:

Allow to cool, strain and refrigerate. ( I didn’t refrigerate all of mine because I had visitors, so all I did was allow to cool, pour in a jar and add ice)

Your Zobo is ready to drink!

I know this is totally related, but I am proud to say that I cook mouthwatering dishes, this screenshot will confirm it. Putting a smile on other peoples face and a getting thank you after I have fed them (My husband says that every time) is one of the things that makes me happy.

Served with fries, plantain and eggs

I think I should take cooking on as a business, what are your thoughts? And what makes you happy?

Remember, your feedback is important to me, don’t forget to like, comment and share this post. Till next post, stay blessed!


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