Somebody Help Me!  This New Radio Sef


By nature I loooooovveeee sleeping ( I can sleep on water sef, ask my Mother).  I don’t want anything disturbing me ,so  I sleep with the light off and in absolute peace and quiet (as in nothing must disturb me).

However, since I got married, I have had to change some things. The no light rule still applies but I am not so sure about the quiet especially with the area I moved to – Alfas and Pastors preaching early in the morning, bikes and vehicle to mention a few.

I have tried as much as possible to blank them out as long as they are not directly in my face and so far, I think I have done well and my sleep remain sweet. Last week Saturday, my heart was broken as hubby decided that we go out to shop for lamps and radio.

The lamp was a welcome development because of cooking at night and the unstable nature of NEPA abi PHCN, but the radio ehn.. I was just praying that we do not find one but trust Lagos Island Market, you can get just about anything.

Just a few minutes into our market waka, we found a radio and right there I knew that my sleep mode will change. How will I sleep soundly with a radio right beside the bed as hubby likes to leave the radio on all through the night as he claims it helps him sleep better.

People of God that is how the radio wahala started o, bathroom radio, living room radio, bedroom radio, everywhere we went, the radio follows us. And if I talk now, it may be termed nagging so what do I do? Every night I have to wait till hubby sleeps and then reduce the volume to the lowest or sleep first so that I don’t even know when he brings in the radio. So far, it has worked but I don’t really know for how long. Or should I cut its wire or just kuku throw it away?

Have you had this kind of experience or anyone at all where you have to deal with something you don’t like, what did you do?

This is the exact radio that has been torturing me:

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