The Wretched Billionaire


The Wretched Billionaire

Author: Aoiri Obaigbo

Year: 2016

“You are my disciples; therefore you are privileged to know that we are only nine people in this country. The rest of you are like the three blind mice running after the farmer’s wife. Nine of us have our way, no matter what the rest of you have to say. This turf is our war trophy. Victory came from us, do you understand?”

The irony of life; two scenarios: Same time, different places. One of General Seriki Kura Dialo aka SDK, power wielding and lawless man who had total control of virtually everything on the land which he flew above at his own pleasure and the other a young girl roaming across the land bearing a heavy ache which no one could assuage.

True Love they say conquers all. However, this does not come to bear in the wretched Billionaire as that said Love destroyed the lives of many including innocent ones.

The Wretched Billionaire vividly captures everything that is evident in our society today via a variety of feelings and situations; from young sweet love, the abuse of power, acute pain, abject poverty, greed, the love of money, and determination to intense hatred.

Faith was a sweet young medical student in love with Ibadan, her dreadlocked (if there is anything like that) boyfriend whom she brought out of his shell. Their love for each other blossomed till her world came crashing down when her Policeman Father was shot just before Christmas. After this, Sweet Young Faith became Faith of the bitter nut, wishing for nothing but death upon herself.

While bemoaning her fate, Faith met beautiful and popular prostitute, Eve who changed the course of her destiny for life. Eve schooled Faith on one thing women have in common, the power to make men (including fearful and powerful ones) fall for them.

As soon as the almighty SDK showed interest in her, Faith lost her age-long beliefs and traditional views to the desire for affluence and a life of comfort.

Ibadan did not stop declaring his love for Faith, but when he felt he had lost her, he makes a turn- around from the scholar and introvert to an outlaw, drowning in weed, alcohol, mixing with the wrong crowd and the journey to self-destruction began.

For a while, Faith continued to show him love especially after he rescued her from the hands of cult members who abducted her and they rekindled their relationship.

This was however was short-lived as Faith had gone too far with SDK, a situation which got worse when she opened the door into his bathroom without warning to find out that the power drunk maniac had no genitals. The general makes her his fifth wife to ensure that the secret of his lost genitals is never revealed.

Aoiri Obaigbo’s The Wretched Billionaire is a very rich 24-chapter book that evokes a lot of feelings in the reader, most especially pain which I felt at the death of the innocent and spiritual Aurora who lost her life to the Reformed Suckling Order, a powerful secret cult while trying to save Ibadan’s soul from condemnation. Aurora had prophesied Faith’s pregnancy and also gave Ibadan the hint which led him to discover Faith’s location when she was abducted.

Ibadan goes missing after this and was never found. Faith believes that SKD is responsible for Ibadan’s disappearance and the only thing she remembers him by is the son she had for him.

Faith never stopped loving Ibadan as she always carried his words in her heart; “wherever you fly, you will hear my heart beats as you go…..” She found solace in her son; a symbol of true love that slipped away, her education foundation for female medical students and her medical practice.

Faith paid a very high price for her dreams as she was forced by SDK to always put on a chastity belt to prevent her from feeling passion and pleasure from any other man as long as she lived.

The fact that many characters in the novel simply disappeared without a trace did not amuse me at all. What became of Eve after introducing Faith to SDK? What happened to the family Faith so loved? What happened to Ibadan?

The Wretched Billionaire is bound to hold any reader’s attention not only because of its love story, but other historical, socio-political stories. It is well detailed and descriptive such that the average reader is able to capture and visualize every incident described. Airori’s use of descriptive sounds and tenses help him to connect with anyone that picks up the book to read.

It is a good read that I would recommend to anyone who loves to be intrigued, but there were a few typographical errors here and there, a fault I would attribute to the editor/proofreader. These errors can distract readers or discourage them from reading on. In all, the book is a good and compelling read and I would rate it a 3 out of 5.



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