On the 15th May 2017, I bought my one way ticket to Nigeria. I’ve never bought a one way ticket to anywhere before. As I put my credit card details in and the payment processing page was loading, my heart began to sink, my mind began to ponder, was I doing the right thing? Leaving my comfortable life in the UK to move to Nigeria to meet my husband was that really a wise decision. Things where already put in place, I got a transfer from my job in UK to Nigeria and hubby had already sorted out our house, so what was I afraid of?

Let me quickly introduce myself, My name is Bukola Jayeoba nee Alabi, I got married on 19th August 2017 after a 9 month planning experience. My wedding happened in Lagos, and the planning was done in the UK, I encountered so many different characters which I daily documented on my blog. Apart from getting married, I also relocated to Nigeria to join my husband.

Come to think of it, moving to Nigeria is something I had wanted to do a few years ago, but things never really fell into place. I’ve always played with the idea of living in Nigeria for a year or two but anytime I was about to make the move something always came up. I have lived in the UK all my life; however 6 years of my high school was done in Nigeria. I tried my best to go back to Nigeria every year and somewhere along the line I fell in love with the country, and i decided a few years back that I would one day move to Nigeria and explore the opportunities life could throw at me.

Three years later God gave me a 3 in 1 miracle: A job, a reason to relocate to Nigeria & Marriage, now I’m balancing all three at the same time. Ive been in Nigeria for 2 months now, married for 3 weeks, and started my job last week. So far it’s been fun. I haven’t experienced a huge culture clash yet; I always tell people that there is always something to genuinely laugh about in Lagos every day.

I’m very optimistic and very excited about this new phase in my life. Newly married, new country, new house, new job, no light, traffic, heat…. How will I juggle it all? I guess we will have to wait and see as I share my reality aka my 3 in 1 experience with you on a fortnightly basis.

In marriage so far I have learnt the P word PATIENCE. At work I have learnt that not everyone that smiles at you is on your side. And in Nigeria I have learnt that the Hustle is real and that there are certain times I have to leave my house in order to avoid TRAFFIC, oh,  I’ve also mastered the art of eating rice & stew for breakfast and not cereal and toast.

Excuse me while I rush off to prepare my husband’s breakfast whilst getting ready for work and putting things in place for lunch all before the fuel in the generator runs out.


Bukola Jayeoba Aka TNBO is a storyteller and content creator who moved from London to Lagos. she is the owner of The Naija Brides Outlet. Faced with so many challenges, and contrary to popular belief, she was on a quest to prove you can have a fantastic wedding in Nigeria without breaking the bank. It proved difficult, but by the end of the journey she was able to succeed. TNBO’s pens her experience during wedding planning, post wedding & relocating period.

Follow her on Instagram on @thenaijabridesoutlet and visit for more exciting stories.


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