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Hello everyone, welcome to my Blog (Finally!). I have had this desire for God knows how long, but never got around to taking the plunge. My Natural hair would be One Year old on Friday, September 2, 2016 and earlier in the week; I wrote down a long epistle about my natural hair journey and had the intention of sending it to my blogger friends and posting it on instagram.

However, on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 while glancing through my hair epistle, I decided I wasn’t sending to any blog, but would put it up on my own blog (I am impulsive like that… lol).

“Folake, what kind of blog do you want”, I asked myself. I immediately thought about my top most two loves and passion, books and natural hair. I can spend my last dime on these two, oh how I love them. “And how would you blend in the two” I asked again and told myself it just had to work. Right there and then I decided on what I wanted.

I went straight to David, a software developer colleague and acquaintance as we jokingly call each other when we try to avoid calling each other friends. I sat with him and with the help of other colleagues/friends, Tayo and Grace, we came up with a name, paid for it and set up my baby all within a few hours (So proud of myself* Grinning).

As they say the rest is history! I am so excited and impatient at the same time as I cannot wait to start loading this blog with exciting stories about everything books and (natural) hair.

So, my Naptural and relaxed sisters, lovers of Great books, Stay with me on this journey and I assure you there would never be a dull moment. The blog is still under construction though. Gracias!

And yes, tomorrow is my first Hairnniversary and I am so excited! Expect my long epistle tomorrow too. Till then, let down your kinks and read a good book!

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Graphics: David Rotimi




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