Happy New Year Guys! May you become and achieve so much more this New Year and Beyond! Hope you enjoyed the holidays even though the fuel scarcity wanted to spoil our shine…lol

So back to the matter, I WROTE A POEM! This is my very first attempt at poetry and I don’t know if I will ever get the inspiration again. It just kept coming into my head that day (sometime last year) and I kept writing it down. In the end, I came up with TWO (Oh my God).

I have been pushing putting it up here because someone else was supposed to do that on their blog but didn’t do so (maybe it’s not professional So i thought to share it here first and get feedback (good or bad).

Guys, please read and tell me what you think. But be nice o….lol, its my first attempt……


Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts – Proverbs 4:23 (The Message Translation)

Conquer your flesh and you have one of the greatest wins.

It’s quite easy to make other people or things the focus of our battles, but little do we know that a violent battle is raging around us twenty-four hours a day.

Daily we struggle with sins of various forms – there is a battle for our mind, a battle so vicious, intense and unrelenting. Why? Because our greatest asset is our mind and the battle against sin and flesh always starts in the mind.

Whatever gets your mind gets you, so it’s important to guard, strengthen, and renew our minds. This poem is dedicated to everyone fighting an intense battle with self, everyone under the stronghold of one addiction or the other and everyone struggling with sin on a daily basis:

The battle within

For so long I have struggled to no avail to win this battle

A lot of times I came out triumphant thinking I have beaten the devil

And would no longer fall for his traps and games

Little did I know that all I did was set myself aflame

This game went on for so long that I was beginning to think I could never be pure

Till I truly submitted to the ONE who is ever sure

He fought the battle against my flesh with me

And today I can say that I am truly free

I bask in His love, with my flesh totally surrendered

Eternally grateful for this “GRACE phase” I have entered

Because now, I am totally unafraid of the future

Come let me lead you to my God, in whose presence you are secure


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