You know you are a foodie when….


Urban Dictionary has the most hilarious definitions of being a ‘Foodie.’ One that struck me is describing a foodie as ‘a person who loves or has a deep admiration for food and eating food. Does not necessarily have to be fat, but like eating. They might feel happy or very at peace when being around food.’

You can find other definitions here

Everyone eats, but not everyone loves food. Some just eat because they must, so they don’t really care about what they eat. But for some others, meal times are sacred times, a time to pay attention to and discover new tastes and flavours.

Do pictures of food make you drool? Do you spend half of your day thinking of what to make for dinner? Do you collect cookbooks regularly? If the answer to all is yes, you may just be a foodie!

You smile to yourself at the sight/thought of food:

Have you ever asked someone why they are smiling, and they told you it’s because of the Jollof Rice they are going to have for lunch?

When you are a foodie, everything that has to do with food excites you and relieves your stress. Food literally makes everything – even a bad day better for you.


You ditch the party if there is no food:

As much as I love food, I would never actually get up to hustle for food at a party except if its my family party (Dem no born them well not to give me food sha).

Two years ago, I had a wedding to attend in Ikeja – I usually stuff my stomach before heading out to any party but this day, I had to leave the house early to fix my hair and get makeup done. When I finished, I couldn’t eat again because I was running late for the party.

At the party, plates of Jollof, Semo, Pounded yam kept flying over my head as if I offended someone. It didn’t take me twenty minutes to figure out the closest Dominos Pizza to the venue and that was the end of the party for me.

You don’t regret spending so much on food:

There are actually some impulse spending you may regret later on. It could be that shoe you just saw in passing or the new wristwatch your colleague brought to the office.

However, if you don’t think twice about the money you spend on food and will rather buy that new range of exotic spices instead of hair, you are in the foodie club!

You already imagine the feel and taste of the meal before it gets to your table:

Am I tough? Am I strong? Am I hard-core? Absolutely.

Did I whimper with pathetic delight when I sank my teeth into my hot fried-chicken sandwich? You betcha – James Patterson

Before I start eating at all, I can already imagine the aroma, taste and burst of flavour in my mouth. Foodies take every bite seriously. They don’t just chew, they soak in everything that went into making the meal.

And while you are all having breakfast, a foodie is already planning lunch in his/her head.

You love to do your own cooking:

From planning the dish in your head, going out to buy necessary ingredients, trying and failing at different dishes before finally getting it right – nothing is as interesting to you as a foodie than making your own meals.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of as long as you are not eating anything that will harm you or way out of your budget so take your badge with pride and declare it loud and clear. My name is Afolake and I am an unrepentant foodie!


Yesterday was World Food Day and not everyone is privileged to eat what they like whenever they want. So, let’s take a minute today to say a word of prayer for those who have no/limited access to food to lack, wars or any other natural disaster.







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